Each HiYa Rock is a unique creation

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Post a picture of your HiYa Rock on the Facebook page (under the POST tab). And to download a PDF of HiYa Rock labels you can affix to your HiYa Rocks, click here!

The HiYa Rock Project

Welcome to the HiYa Rock Project. Chances are you are here because you have found a HiYa Rock. Hopefully it brought a special smile to your day. We’d love to hear from you. Post a picture of your new treasure and tell us where it was discovered. 

Brynn and Brittni were Sisters and best Friends. The girls taught us perspective, to be mindful of one another, to live life with our EYES WIDE OPEN, to dance, be loving, full of laughter, to be accepting, kind and to RUN with passion. In other words: TO FIND YOUR INNER CHICKEN.

Miles of Smiles

It was with these beliefs the HiYa Rock Project was created by the Run4BittiandBrynn Foundation. To encourage community connectivity by sharing powerful HiYas and happy thoughts throughout the country. Brynn and Brittni would greatly approve.

HiYa! Besides being fun to say, a HiYa Rock is a special hello from beauty and nature, created to let you know someone is thinking of YOU. The idea is to spread hand painted rocks with positive messages of love and kindness to be hidden in random places. The hope is to bring MILES OF SMILES by making a difference in someone’s day.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

when you least expect it, you too may discover one of these Hiyas! Hopefully it will bring a smile. 

To date over 6000 pounds of rocks have been hidden all over the United States and even in a few countries. The goal is to eventually hit 50 states with HiYa Rocks.

We all have a story to tell. It’s important that we keep this in mind and choose our words carefully. BE KIND. LOOK for the Hiyas in each day.

If you would like to donate to the Foundation, please click below, or use the QR code to open a link to our PayPal donation page. Thank you very much for your support of the Foundation.

HiYa Rock Pictures

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